Friday, June 29, 2007

On The Road Again

It has come time again for our family to hit the road on deputation, or as someone told us today, desperation. We usually travel for two or three weeks every two years. This time we will be on the road the entire month of July. We are headed west. We are saddling up our horses, cause we've got a trail to blaze. We start out in Louisiana and end up in Idaho. Please keep us in your prayers. We are pulling a trailer behind our van which means Harold has to do most of the driving, or I drive, but never change lanes. Please especially remember the boys, they are very full of energy, and too much van time will be a lot for them to handle. We have plenty of DVD's along so hopefully that will help. After sitting in the car then they have to go to church, so please pray that we all keep our sanity. We are scheduled at 14 churches so we actually have some free time,in which we plan to totally indulge in family time. I will keep everyone posted as to our adventures when I can. McDonald's has wireless internet, playgrounds, and a dollar menu so I will take advantage of that.
Some of my dear friends had a brunch to see me off this morning. They came bearing gifts of snacks, coloring books, and wet wipes. I'd just like to say how great it is to have such wonderful people in my life. You guys know who you are, so "thanks, from the bottom of my heart". It is a wonderful feeling to have friends who when they tell you they will be praying for you, you know you can count on it.
Well, it's almost 1:00am, the last of laundry and dishes are washing, so I will try to get some sleep. I'll be back soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Collin's Birthday

Collin turned six on Saturday. We had a small family party for him. For those of you who knew Harold when he was a kid, he now has a little replica. He never meets a stranger, and he sings all the time. He usually makes up his own songs, which are very interesting to listen to, especially if he is in the bathroom. Collin had a lot of hearing problems the first few years of his life, this greatly affected his speech. We are proud to announce that after three years of therapy he is ready to start school next year. Go Collin!

Harold took the boys swimming on Friday and took some cool pictures. Since I can't figure out how to put them here I will post them at the bottom. Ethan actually asked me if I would please put these pictures on my blog. I hope he doesn't go on an ego trip.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

On My Mind, Out of My Heart

I want to take advantage of the opportunity to say thanks to the "Dads" in my life. I don't think I really appreciated the blessing of having strong Christian men in my life until I had sons. We live in society where good male leadership is becoming extinct. I am so thankful that I have three wonderful men to be examples to my boys.

My Dad is one of my greatest heroes. He was raised in a broken home, his parents divorced when he was in his early teen years. His father was an alcoholic the entire time my father was growing up. He finished high school and enlisted in the Navy. During this time he also turned to alcohol to fill his emptiness. After his discharge he went back home to LA. He was working delivering groceries when my Mom saw him walking down the street. They had gone to school at the same time, but were several grades apart and did not really know each other. She told her friend that she was shopping with "there's the man I'm going to marry". Of course her friend thought she was nuts since his reputation was well known. She went over and invited him to revival services that night, and he accepted. I know that it doesn't always work this way, but sometimes God shows his power in more miraculous ways than others. The evangelist, Donald Cassidy, asked my Dad if he wanted to get saved, my Dad said "yes" went to the altar and it was done. He has never looked back, from that night on he has never taken another drink of alcohol. I am so thankful that he broke the cycle that had prevailed in his life, and gave me a start of creating a whole new cycle. He loves my boys dearly, and I love that they have such a wonderful man to call Paw Paw.

I think sometimes that father-in-laws get overlooked, I certainly do not want to let mine feel unappreciated. I thank him so much for raising the wonderful son that I now call my husband, I know that it was largely due his prayers and example that Harold is the man that he is today. He is not a man of many words, but when he speaks it is always with patience and wisdom. His unfailing love for his children and grandchildren is evident by the respect they give him. He is another one of those people that I have never seen lose their cool when faced with a difficult situation. I've never seen him get angry even when there are little boys hanging all over him. I am very proud that he is my boys Pa Paw.

Someone recently said "how easy it is to fall more deeply in love with a man that you have watched change a dirty diaper or wrestle on the floor with his children". This is definitely true.
I am so blessed to have a husband that is not afraid to give baths or take care of infant all night while I work. I believe that the extent to which a Dad is willing to get involved in the everyday care of his children greatly effects the way those children turn out. This is even more important when you have boys. People usually blame psychological issues on their mothers, but sin issues are usually blamed on the father. Homosexuality and pornographic issues could be avoided if we had more men willing to be the leaders and examples to their sons that they should be. Harold is the "father figure" that I always dreamed my children would have. Nothing moves him more than his sons. Nothing can make him laugh or cry like his boys. He was gone overnight to Haiti last night and no one could have been missed more. They kept asking me "if Dad were coming home tonight would it be time for him yet". Thanks for being the "best Dad a boy could ask for" and "the best husband I could have ever asked for".

Monday, June 11, 2007

Golf Tournament

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Hobe Sound Bible College/Academy Alumni Connection Golf Tournament. It was only the 2nd annual because it has been cancelled two years in a row due to hurricanes. It was originally schedule for June 2 this year,but Tropical Storm Barry decided to give us a visit. As president of the alumni dept, you can imagine the work that my poor husband has put into this thing, so when it had to be postponed for a week it just about did him in. This is my excuse for not posting for awhile, I have been trying to stave off a nervous break down. Thankfully the weather was perfect Sat.,and the tournament went on. Pictured above is the team from Keith and Sons Landscaping. (Brent, Dan, Harold, and Mark) I want you to notice how professional they look as they stand there so proudly in their matching outfits. Ladies and gentlemen I am honored to say that you are looking at the 12th place team. The 2nd place team consisted of two thirteen year olds and their Dads. I think they showed up quite a few egos. The day was a success, and around $11,000 was raised to replenish the empty alumni accounts and give the school the left over amount. Jupiter Island Golf Course will never be the same.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Graduations and Other Happenings

My first baby made it through kindergarten. Yesterday was quite eventful to say the least. We got up early to get Ethan off to school. He was so nervous and excited that he could hardly get his clothes on. He didn't even want to eat breakfast which is very unusual for him. I made him eat so that he would have energy to make it through until snack time. Harold really regrets that I made that decision. You see Ethan had to sing a solo in the musical they presented before the ceremony. Seeing that he is much more like me instead of his Dad, this was almost more than he could bear. His nerves were on edge. Thankfully we had a plastic bag in the car to catch the contents of his very nervous stomach. I tell you this so that you understand how very proud we were that he stood up in front of everyone and sang. That is a major milestone for him. He actually decided not to be in the spelling bee this year, even though he was the only one who didn't participate, because of his fear of being in the spotlight.
We are so proud of his accomplishments this year. He started last year and we ended up pulling him out because he just wasn't ready. I am now a firm believer in Dobson's recommendation in "Bringing Up Boys" to always hold them back a year. He has been like a different child. We have watched his self-confidence grow leaps and bounds this year.
He got the award for being one of the most imaginative in his class. I think you would agree if you heard some of his descriptions. Awhile back I was putting maple syrup on his waffles, he looked at the syrup and said "Mom, this syrup sure is dark, it's as dark as the day Jesus died on the cross". He never ceases to amaze us with the stories he can tell. I've heard enough knock, knock jokes to last me for years.
They interviewed the kids and put together a book of some of their responses. I'll share a few of them with you if you promise not to laugh too hard.
My favorite subject in school is: Eating lunch
My favorite thing we did in school this year is : Lunch
I love my Mom because: She lets me watch videos. She is 60 yrs old.
I love my Dad because: He takes me places. He is 18 yrs old.
He also said that he likes to watch John Wayne. I have no idea where that came from since he has never seen a John Wayne video. My Dad must be rubbing off on him.

Here's a little update on the product reviews. The day I posted that I got an email from a friend. She said "I have chill bumps on my arms. Just last night I told my husband that we need to see if they have a DVD player for this summer. We decided that if you didn't we would like to get one for you. I even put a sticky note on the fridge, then I got up this morning and read your blog. I'm so glad that God still cares for kids on long trips and for their parents sanity." We are so thankful for good friends who believe in what we are doing.
As for the haircuts, I waited until after graduation so that poor Ethan would look normal. I found a coupon for the Conair haircutting system. It was half the price of the one I originally looked at. I actually just cut the boys hair before they went to bed. They didn't look half bad if I say so myself. Harold even let me cut his. I think he'll wait until I have a little more practice before he lets me near his head again. Oh well, we saved about $30
Everyone have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow.