Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Just Can't Decide

One of my projects for the summer was to do a "Tom Sawyer" portrait of the boys. I did one when I only had three and have been wanting to redo it with all four boys. My plan is to have it put on canvas. So I finally got with it and took the pictures. The problem is that now I can't decide which one to use. I keep going to the website to have it done, but then can't decide what I want to do. I've always been bad a making decisions. My poor husband gets very upset with me anytime we go out to eat because I can never make up my mind. So now I am coming to blog world for help. Please give me your opinion on which picture I should use and if I should do black and white or sepia. Most of these are in color, but I did one black and white and one sepia. I'll number them to make the process easier.
Two (sepia)

Four (black&white)

Just for the fun, here are the individual shots.



Friday, July 11, 2008

Orlando 2008

This is a picture blog. Those of you who were looking forward to reading will have to wait. My mind is still too tired to think right now, so I will only post pictures for your eyes to enjoy. We did have a good time, but three days of Disney will send even little boys into overload. Now for your viewing pleasure we present "The Martins On Vacation".

Ready to get going.

Very excited about "It's A Small World".

The whole family getting ready to ride the Carousel.

Ethan was so excited about this ride.

"What's in your wallet?"

Beauty and the Beasts

Fish Food

Disney brings out the "kid" in Harold.

A relative?

On Safari

Our new pet

Would you please take me home to my own bed?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Summertime Blues"

The torrential downpours that plague those of us who choose to call Florida our year round home have begun. For those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about, I'll fill you in. Every afternoon during the summer here in FL we have rain. Not just a little shower, but a thunderstorm that rattles the windows and the nerves of this poor mother. I personally enjoy stormy weather, it makes me want to take a nap. This is made impossible though since I usually have four other people sitting on me "til the storm passes over". The rain also leads to severe depression or ADHD in little boys. The rain started earlier than normal today, leading to complete despondency. As I walked into my living room this morning this is the sight that greeted me. Isn't this pitiful?

Actually, truth be told we are having a good summer. Without having planned any major activities for the beginning of it we have managed to stay on the go. The boys are enrolled in the summer reading program at the public library, so we are trying to dedicate a portion of every day to school work. They actually seem to enjoy it most to the time.

On the 23rd of June we celebrated Collin's 7Th birthday. He invited some friends over to swim, the problem was the afternoon rains that I already mentioned. The friends arrived at the same time as the rain. They only got to swim for about five minutes before I had to haul everyone back in the house. They spent the rest of the afternoon playing together in the house, but I don't think anyone was to distraught over not being able to swim. The parents all came back and we grilled out for supper. Hopefully a good time was had by all in spite of the change of plans. Collin was as happy as he could be, so I guess that's all that matters.

Oops, I just got my timeline out of order. Before the birthday was of course Father's Day. I have truly been blessed with some great Father's in life. I'm so glad that my boys have some "real men" to look up to. They adore both of their Grandpas and are adored in return. Harold's Dad was in KY and mine wasn't feeling well that day, so we only have pictures of Harold. The boys and I sent him fishing the night before so that we could make a surprise for him. If you have never baked with four boys you should do it just for the experience. We decided to make a cake that we found on the Family Fun website. It really was a cute idea, for someone with more talent. I outlined a perfect tie, but when I put the icing on it ran into a rather strange shaped tie. I'm glad that it's the thought that counts. Here's Harold very proudly holding his cake. He's got to be the sweetest most handsome Dad a wife or a boy could ask for.

I choose not to subject you to pictures of our next summer project. Collin has been in need of some dental work for awhile, but we had to negotiate with the insurance company for awhile. Monday was the first of several appointments we have to get his teeth taken care of. It is a bit upsetting when the Pediatric Dentist tells you that he has had to consult with two Orthodontists on your child's case. He said, "there's just not room in his mouth for all his teeth". Hopefully he won't end up with any outside of his mouth. Anyway, on Mon. they pulled the first of two of four and made a mold for spacers. He was so brave, but at the end when they were trying for the third time so fit a mold into his mouth that was too big, he broke down. Nothing can break a Mommy's heart more than to see silent tears flowing down the cheeks of her child. The dentist almost lost an arm. He did fine (Collin) until a few hours later, I was on my way to take him to my parent's house so I could go to work. The voice from the backseat says "Mom, what's this?" I turn around to see that he had pulled the stitches out. I guess it felt funny so he decided to see what it was. We go back in two weeks, so keep us in your prayers.

The afternoon storms caused another disaster in our household. Harold planted a beautiful palm tree outside the boys window. We were so excited to see a little mother bird building her nest in it. Last week after a particularly windy storm I looked out the window to see a little blue egg lodged in one of the lower branches. I decided to have a time of learning. So we call the Wildlife Refuge who told us that we should try to put it back in the nest. I tried to be careful, I really did, but the egg was lodged in too tightly and it cracked. Luckily I took a picture before, so you my dear readers can have the opportunity to view the "unfairness of nature".

The rain has also had a strange effect on the people who work at Goodwill. We have been wanting a computer that the boys can use for awhile, so when Harold's Mom got a new one and offered us her old one, we gladly accepted. The problem was that we did not have a desk to put it on. So yesterday the boys and I hopped in Harold's van (no air conditioner) and headed out on a thrift shop expedition. After several stops we ended up at Goodwill, even though I had drug my poor friend Sonja through there on Sat. night, it just so happened that the perfect piece of furniture had arrived in the meantime. I went to the counter and paid for it not realizing that a thunderhead had developed while I was making up my mind. We ran to the car in the rain, so the receipt got quite wet. I drove around back and handed it to the little man who is back there to load and unload. "I can't even read this" he said to me. So I very kindly described the piece to him, and off he went to get it. Now I didn't time him, but it seemed that he was gone an exorbitant amount of time. He showed back up at my van window and said "You're gonna have to get out and help me". This was something I expected to do, so I hopped out ready to use my muscles. He moaned and groaned while I did most of the lifting. When we were done he turned to me and said "Next time you need come when the weather is better". I wanted to say that next time I'd bring my Doppler Radar, but you'll be glad to know that I bit my tongue. Anyway the computer is now set up and the boys are having fun. The "desk" was actually a kitchen piece, but after the wine rack was taken out it fit perfectly in their room.

Sensitive types beware, I'm fixing to go on a little tirade. The little lady that I work for watches CNN 24/7, so I am constantly bombarded with the idiocy of the media. What has me upset now though is a commercial. Some of you have probably seen it, it starts out, "this is my first son".
Basically it shows a very proud first time mom tell how wonderful her little toddler is. It ends with, "so John McCain when you said we'd stay in Iraq for a hundred years, were you counting on Alex? Cause if you were, you can't have him". Being the mother of four boys I know well the fear of losing one. I shamefully admit to having watched "Saving Private Ryan" many years ago. The scene at the beginning where they tell the Mom that she only has one son left still huants me. Maybe it's because it's almost Independence Day and I'm feeling extra patriotic, but something rises up in me and me and says "how selfish can you get". Do we really take our freedom so for granted? What if all the mother's throughout history would have had the same attitude as the one in the commercial. I guarantee that we wouldn't be enjoying the liberties that we do today. It scares me to think of all the mothers that are training their little boys with the same attitude. My number one desire is for my boys to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ, to be soldiers in his army. After that's taken care of I know that they are safe whatever they do. So if in a few years my sons choose to serve their country, don't be surprised to see me shed some tears of fear and dread, but also know that my heart is swelling with pride.

Next week are taking a little family vacation. Someone donated MFI a timeshare for the staff to take advantage of, so we are heading to Orlando for a few days. I'm sure that I will have plenty of pictures to post upon my return. Yes, we are doing the "Disney thing". We have been wanting to go since we moved back ,five years ago, just never seemed to be able to make it happen. FYI to all of you who live in FL, they're having great FL resident discounts this summer. Most of the time we travel we are on deputation or going to Haiti, so we are looking forward to some quality time together.
The week after that is VBS. It is a time I always look forward to since my boys hit the altar every night. Harold and I really appreciate this annual onset of conviction. Seriously, I am thankful that their hearts are tender and pray that they will stay that way.

In the words of General McArthur, "I'll be back". (Yes, Tara that was just to annoy you)