Wednesday, April 9, 2008


As I write I am watching six little boys swim. This is because eight years ago today I gave birth to my first son, thus starting a chain of events that led up to my continually being surrounded by males. You might think that this would be disappointing to someone who exudes femininity such as I do. Think again, all these male are part of the reason that I feel so feminine. As women our ability to bear children plays such a vital role in our identity. Before Ethan started this chain of little boys in my life, I had lost hope of ever experiencing the child bearing process. Most of you probably know that Harold and I lost three babies before I was able to carry out a full term pregnancy. Every year as his birthday draws near I start reflecting on how God has blessed us so immeasurably. He not only carried us through a time of deep grief, but he also touched me physically and made the life we now enjoy possible. At the woman's conference I attended a few months ago Shanon Wexelberg talked about her struggle with infertility and sang the song that God gave in her time of struggle. "In the Waiting" describes my feelings so perfectly now as I look back. It says "You were in the waiting, in that moment of my life when my hope and faith collide. When my hearts anticipating just how and when you'll move, that's when you prove that you were in the waiting too". I'm so glad that God has used difficult circumstances to mold me into a more grateful person and hopefully a better mother that I would have been before. So as we celebrate today we are not just happy about another year on Ethan's calendar but we are celebrating God's blessings and the gracious gifts that he has bestowed on us.
Last weekend I was privileged to have my best friend come for a visit. She's one of the people in my life who have seen me in diapers, skinny, fat, with strange hairdos, etc, etc, etc, and still loves me. We had a wonderful visit which included late night conversations and coffee. The boys are greatly missing her. She has been a wonderful aunt to them since they don't have one on my side of the family. I'm already having to answer the question "When is Aunt Kimmie coming back?" about fifty times a day. We made wonderful memories, but unfortunately my camera was set on video and I didn't know it. I now have some of the shortest, strangest video clips ever made. Go to her blog to see normal pictures.

Despite the fact that the color is a little off in this picture our door is now a beautiful cranberry color. Thanks so much for all the input that was given on this decision. I didn't realize how many decorators are reading my blog. I should have given you the opportunity to express yourself before my house was done, who knows what splendour I could now be experiencing.
Normally I wouldn't be so open with the information that I am now a year older. On April 2ND I celebrated my 34Th birthday. Thanks to MaryEllen for the picture, it is the most recent one taken. As you can see I am aging, four boys will do that to you, but I didn't realize the effect the noise was having on me until last week. Talitha and I were doing hearing and eye testing for the school. We were having a bit of trouble figuring out the audiology equipment, so she decided to test me to see if it was working. After putting on the headphones and going through the test I proclaimed "It's not working on the right side". "Are you sure?" she asked me. "I didn't hear anything on that side" I replied. So after testing me again and then testing herself she had to bear the sad news to me that I may have some hearing loss on the right side. I tell you all of this for a good reason. Many of you see me on a regular basis and I have a request. If you see me at church or in town and I am being unusually loud, please come to my left side and discreetly yet clearly tell me to tone it down some.

Well I should bring this telling of information to an end. The boys are now home on spring break, so I am looking forward to a week of nonstop swimming and eating. Speaking of eating I will leave you with a little video that may make you hungry for Mexican food tonight. Sorry it's sideways, but it does make it more interesting.