Monday, April 30, 2007


Dear Harold Deanie the love of my life,
I am so very proud to be called you dear wife,
I knew that this morning to my blog you would go,
So I decided to give you a show,
With a poem and a picture I couldn't resist,
And now my love I will give you a list,
For better or worse , forever and always,
Even though little boys are lining our hallways,
I love you so much, in my throat there's a lump,
You still make my heart go thump, thump, thump,
So I'll go do laundry, and you go your way,
And we'll meet again at the end of the day.
For anyone else reading this I couldn't resist giving my husband a little surprise when he checked up on me this morning. Aren't I such a lovely wife.
Honey, I hope you like my little poem.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Just a Moment

Yesterday morning I woke up ready to tackle the day, but within minutes the cares started to pile up. Collin told me he didn't feel good,then I looked in his ear to see lots of dried blood. (He has chronic ear infections and has tubes) Next my Mom who is still in the hospital called to tell me that she had to have a transfusion that day. After getting a few things done around the house I spent some time talking to a friend who is having a miscarriage. Then before taking a late nap before going to work I fixed supper for my sister-in-law who had surgery yesterday morning. It was one of those days that the moments seemed so long. Then I though about a comment Nancy Leigh DeMoss made the other day. She made the point that in the light of eternity all the trials last for only a moment. It really isn't all that profound, but it really puts things into perspective. I think of my Mom in constant pain or my best friends' Mom who is paralyzed. A million years from now they can say "for a moment the pain was so bad" or "there was a moment when I couldn't walk". It is so hard to believe now,but I know that it is reality.
On the other hand it makes me realize that the time I have with my children is also only a "moment". Please help me pray that I will learn to make my earthly moments truly count, so that I have my children with me from now through eternity.
Please excuse me for getting a little sentimental, but that is what was on my heart today.
You also might notice that I changed my profile. While I didn't mean for it to,my priorities looked a little out of whack. Sorry about that.
I did finally get a family picture up. We are having a new one taken soon. Until then you can also go to meet the staff to see another.
Well I better go we are taking boys to a state park nearby for a picnic and biking. It used to be an WWII army base so it is little boy paradise.
I'll talk to everyone again soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kid Quotes

Someone told me several weeks ago that I should start a blog to record the things my kids say. I promise not to dedicate every post to their ridiculous comments, but please allow me to share a few. I know that Harold and I have a demented sense of humor, but maybe someone else will enjoy these also.

Ethan describing the cake I was making. "Ya know Mom, that looks like it would be good for soldiers to take into battle and throw at the enemy".
Collin eating a food that he really doesn't like. "Dear Jesus please save me from this strawberry."
Landon in that quiet moment when the special song has just ended and the preacher is not yet to the pulpit. Very audibly says "underwear."
Ethan before the baby dedication. "We're having the baby dedicated just like they were dedicated to the proposition where all men are created equal."
Collin singing. "Keep me burning till the break of day. Sing....sing....Dad, what was that girl's name again?"

Ethan greeting Harold as he comes home from work. "Well Dad, the baby lost his electric cord today."

Having his tonail clipped. "I should have bit them today."

Monday, April 23, 2007

It is with great fear that I enter into this new venture.It is only for the satisfaction I will recieve from everyone's shock that I enter this unknown world. My husband is very disappointed in me that I so easily sucumbed to the pressure. Pleast don't expect anything vastly profound
from me. "I am only myself".
Although I must say that I am very proud to have a picture up right from the start.