Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bible Lessons?

While I cleaned house this morning Landon made a valiant effort to teach his little brother from the Word. I got so amused at his frustration with Dylan's inability to keep names straight that I had to grab the camera and capture the memory.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Great Aunt Kayla

Around 9AM this morning I became a Great Aunt. I'm not saying that I have wonderful auntly attributes, I'm saying that my niece gave birth to her first child. We are so happy to welcome Evan Phillip into the little boy ranks of our family. He was 6lbs 11oz with lots of strawberry blond hair. I just love the way he sucks on his fingers, none of my babies did that.
I still think that Great Aunt Kayla sounds completely ridiculous, so I'm open to suggestions of other things he can call me. My great aunts all seemed very old to me, so it just doesn't seem right that I'm now a great aunt myself. You can say "I remember when Great Uncle Harold used to ............" and it sounds normal, but when you say Great Aunt Kayla it doesn't have the same effect. My name didn't become popular until I was in my twenties, therefore I share a name with many young teenagers. Does anyone remember the "Kayla" Barbie that came out a few years ago. I think she was Barbie's friend and was not the least bit great auntish. Oh well, for a little fellow this precious I can deal with anything. I think I made him sleepy.

Congratulations to Sean and Danielle. She's looking really good, in my opinion, for a woman who just gave birth.

Wouldn't you just love to squeeze him?

With his Grammy Carla.

I've always loved babies and have been a little depressed that my baby is now a toddler. Now I have my very own Great Nephew to hold when I need a baby fix.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Babysitting Provided

Several months ago Collin asked me "Mommy, who babysitted us when you and Daddy got married?". I gave the standard reply of "you were still playing with the angels". The picture that popped in my head looked something like this Family Circus cartoon that my Mom cut out for me.

This past weekend our church hosted it's first Marriage Summit, we hope to make this an annual event. There were about sixty couples that attended. Since babysitting was provided Harold and I were able to enjoy every session without worrying about getting back home to relieve a worn out babysitter. Dr. Avery, Bro. Miles, and Bro. Heath were the main speakers with our pastors filling in some. In case you haven't noticed our marriages and families seem to be under attack these days. Our busy lifestyles and all the new technology that surrounds us makes us extremely vulnerable. Now before anyone jumps to conclusions let me say that my marriage is very much intact, but there is always room for improvement because we never know what is around the corner for us to deal with. We shared a lot of laughter and tears as we came together in our mutual burden to see our families make it to heaven. In a church as large as ours it can be easy to focus on yourself or the people that you are around the most and forget that everyone else is fighting the same fight and we all need to pull together and build each other up. It brings it closer to home when I realize that my son might be bringing the daughter of the person that I forget to pray for to a Marriage Summit one day.
So while we may not look this dreamy eyed anymore, we are so thankful that we had a child free weekend to recommit ourselves to each other and to our kids. Wasn't God's plan of kids after marriage a wonderful thing. I bet we wouldn't have trains or veils if our kids had to walk up the aisle with us.

PS I need to give public thanks to God that I had a husband to attend the Marriage Summit with. On Thurs. morning take off Harold came the closest to a crash that he has ever come. MFI always takes off before the control tower opens at 7AM. The planes are on the same radio frequency and announce what they are doing. Harold and Dick announced their intentions with no reply, so they proceeded down the runway. They were almost to lift off speed when someone yelled into the radio "DC-3 abort take off". Harold looked out his window to see a plane on an intersecting runway taking off. He told Dick "don't rotate until I tell you". They stayed on the ground until the other plane was out of the way and then lifted off. They passed within about 200 hundred feet of each other avoiding a midair collision. The other plane was using the wrong frequency, but thankfully someone was in the control tower, saw what was happening, and was able to alert them. They had 21 passengers on board plus the crew. We are so thankful that God kept his hand on them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cousin Bill

You don't have to be around my boys long before you hear about Cousin Bill. My boys could talk about him all day, especially since he just sent them all the National Guard stuff their hearts could desire when my aunt was here. It is not strange to see little boys wearing dog tags around our house. It is not uncommon to hear "Yes sir, Colonel", or "Charge" incorporated into their playtime. Since they know that he did sentry duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, they now have to watch YouTube videos so that they can properly imitate the Changing of the Guard. In a day when our military is belittled and disrespected so much, I'm glad that we have a soldier in our family who makes us proud. The battalion that he commanded in Afghanistan and Iraq just received the highest readiness award the Army gives. I posted the link below. Let's keep respecting, honoring, and praying for our military men and women. Cause one day it might be your son or daughter risking their life for our freedom.
Receiving the readiness award. (He's the tall one)

With General Petraeus in Iraq.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Man and His Van

Some women like a man who drives a black Lexus,
Or a red pick-up truck like a cowboy from Texas

My man drives a van of a strange greenish blue,
And when he drives up I say "Woo Hoo"

His old van broke down on I-95,
Where he called me to say "It's no longer alive"

My Dad picked him up in a camouflage hat,
A tow truck brought the van to our yard where it sat,

We call a mechanic who said "There's no hope",
With only one van you'll just have to cope,

So we sold the old van to be used for parts,
An ending that nearly broke our poor hearts,

With only on van we coped for a week,
Then, in desperation, for another we started to seek,

We called to our Father who answered our prayer,
With a van that's a color that makes people stare,

This van isn't new, it was a donation,
To a really great missions organization,

Harold called me to say "It's a really good price",
"Although the color made me think twice".

When I asked just what the color might be,
I thought for sure that he said "Navy",

But when he drove up and I saw the strange hue,
I said "Who are you, Mr. Magoo?",

This van is a color, but we don't know the name,
For sure no one else has one quite the same,

It has all the things that a van really needs,
Beneath it there are growing no weeds,

The wipers they work and the horn it does blow,
And "There ain't nothin' wrong with the radio",

So each day to work in this van he drives,
Cause it's not for material things that he strives,

To earthly standards he cares not to measure,
Up in heaven is where he's storing his treasure,

So if he invites me to go for a ride,
I'll sit by his side all swelled up with pride,

This man holds my heart in the palm of his hand,
Right beside him is where I'll always stand,

So don't judge a man by the make of his car,
I'm here to tell you that won't get you far,

It's not the van that makes look good the man
But boy does my man make look good his van!

PS This is what happens when I forget to bring a book to read during downtime at work and I can't handle another minute of CNN.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pilots of the Caribbean III: Stats and Pics

This is an email that Harold sent out detailing the Hurricane Relief efforts that MFI has been a part of . I added a few pictures.


Air Calvary (helicopter use)
FEA Ministries
United Servants International
Humanitarian International Service Group
Feed My Starving Children
MAP International
Hosean International Ministries (Caleb Lucien)
World Outreach Ministries (Karen Davis)
Haitian Indigenous Baptist Ministries (Rodney Fitzsimmons)
Feed the Children
Myers Park United Methodist Church
Turks and Caicos Disaster Relief (Horatio Tuitt)
OCE Foundation (Tiffany Schaurer)
Samaritan’s Purse
Grand Turk Red Cross
The Rotary Club
Graceway IGA Supermarket
Coalition for Haiti (Karen Carr)
Hope Seeds (Mike Mueller)
Many area churches and supporters

- 1600 pounds of food sent to the town of Bayonnais via helicopter in cooperation with Air Calvary and Myers Park United Methodist Church. People had not eaten for over a week
- $600,000.00 of meds and supplies sent to Goniaves Hospital in cooperation with Caleb Lucien. Meds donated by MAP International.
- N300MF stayed in Turks and Caicos for 15 days. Flew 31.1 hours to the islands of Grand Turk, North and South Caicos and Salt Cay. This was done in cooperation with the TCI government, Graceway IGA supermarket, the Rotary Club, and Samaritan’s Purse. 87,000 pounds of supplies were transported between Islands.
- N400MF was flown to Grand Turk with a 6000 pound load of food and water for the Grand Turk Red Cross. This was done in cooperation with the OCE Foundation and Tiffany Schaurer.
- Provided logistics planning and transportation for a team of 10 sent to Grand Turk and South Caicos in cooperation with FEA Ministries.
- 4 flights coordinated with local pilots wanting to help out. They carried approximately 3000 pounds of supplies to various islands in the TCI.
- $5000.00 sent to partners in Haiti to purchase and distribute food there.
- Provided transportation for a team of 5 and 2800 pounds of supplies to the Island of Great Inagua in the Bahamas. Team from United Servants International.
- 25 boxes of seeds (532 pounds) delivered to CAP and Pignon for crop redevelopment. In cooperation with the Community Coalition for Haiti and Hope Seeds.
- Flew a flight of 122 rolls of plastic to Port-au-Prince for Samaritan’s Purse.
- Paid for the transportation of 1800 tents to be delivered to Ft. Pierce from Oklahoma. To be sent to Haiti for the refugees.
- Delivered 12000 pounds of donated supplies to Cap-Haitian and Pignon to be trucked to Gonaives by Caleb Lucien.
- Delivered 2 airplane loads (11000 pounds) of relief supplies from Nassau to Cap-Haitien in cooperation with the Bahamas Connection of the Methodist Church and the Rotary Club.
- Sorted and packed many thousands of pounds of relief supplies donated by friends and the churches in the area.


- We have moved approximately 46,500 pounds of supplies to Haiti or the Turks
and Caicos Islands.
- We shuttled approximately 87,000 pounds of supplies within the TCI.
- We have taken 2 teams (15 people total) of relief workers to Great Inagua as well as the TCI. - Approx 79 flight hours have been dedicated to Hurricane Relief
These tents were donated by Coleman and are now the only shelter for all these people.

Harold with the men from MAP Int.

With some helpers.

Harold landing in the Turks & Caicos.
This is a video we found the other night on Youtube. We don't know which passenger did it, but were very moved at their appreciation for the work MFI does. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Danny Boy"

My Aunt Barbara has been here visiting this week. We've had many meaningful conversations which have helped me get in touch with my Irish side of the family. The Muppet's really don't have much to do with my family, I don't think, except that my undying love of Beaker developed on Monday nights watching the Muppet Show at my Grandma's house. My wedding party will remember sitting around watching old Muppet Videos the week before my wedding. I hope you enjoy this beautiful rendition of "Danny Boy", I think Beaker does an outstanding job.

I promise that I do have some serious things to say, that I will soon get around to telling, but for now I just wanted to assure everyone that I am still "kicking".