Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scenes Around the Manger

A few years ago we decided to invest in a Nativity Set that the kids could play with. We were hopeful that the interaction would help them to realize the true meaning of Christmas. They really enjoy playing with it, but there are some concerns about the way their imaginations work in regards to Bible times, geographical issues, and so on. As I was cooking supper the other night I couldn't help but hear the conversation going on the other room as they played with the Nativity Set. I heard such things as "It's time for the eagle to fly" and "Baby Jesus is the winner". These statements seemed somewhat strange, but it wasn't until I went and looked at the scene on my coffee table that I fully realized just how strange it was.
I had to ask "What in the world is Hamburglar doing?". The response was "Oh, he looks like a bad guy so we made him Caesar".
It was also very enlightening to see that the Wise Men brought along a couple of giraffes and a parrot. And how refreshing to see Santa there as well.
Speaking of the Wise Men this picture will give you a new vision of what the "three" could have looked like. It is definitely different than anything I have seen before, but hey you never know.
Okay so that was the head Wise Man from the Singing Christmas Tree along with his little page and the prestigious costume designer, but it does make a funny picture.
As most of you know last week was the eleventh year our church has put on the Singing Christmas Tree. It is an event that everyone greatly anticipates. All of the boys had some little part this year. So for those of you who were not here to see them in person I will share just a few pictures. The kids who are in the Academy always do a song, this year they sang "Come and See What's Happening in the Barn". It was definitely a crowd pleaser. They all had to wear their Sunday best, preferably red or green. Ethan and Collin looked so handsome that I had to have my picture made with them.
Dylan was a snow baby during the first song. Tara H carried him around behind the sleigh. He was always mesmerized by the falling "snow" and bright lights. As you can see we are still having tongue issues.
Landon was an elf. He was supposed to wave and blow kisses. Instead he limped around on his red and green cast and looked a little dumbfounded the whole time, but he was still adorable. Here he is with all the other elves receiving their last minute instructions from the costume designer.
My Mom and I went to the mall with the two youngest munchkins. Santa was there luring innocent Moms and Grandmas to buy pictures. This one was definitely a keeper. Dylan felt very "jolly" about sitting on the lap of one who also has an issue with body parts "jiggling like a bowl full of jelly". Landon on the other hand was a bit overwhelmed to be with one who has a "list".

Well it's late and I'm tired, so goodnight for now. More Christmas scenes will be coming in the future.
PS I added the Cajun Caviar recipe on the sidebar. To those of you who have been asking for it, I'm sorry it took me so long.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Morning Syndrome

Does anyone out there hate Monday mornings as much as I do? I will never understand how the house falls apart every Sunday. The laundry is piled to the ceiling, the dishwasher is full, and there are Christmas ornaments all over the living room. I thought the boys rooms were at least halfway clean, but upon further inspection I find that my "little deceivers" took the shortcut cleaning route. Boy will they be surprised to come home from school and find that Mom is ready to stand at the door and watch the job done right. Over the weekend my two little ones are entertained by their older brothers so come Monday morning Mommy becomes the sole source of entertainment. That of course means that everywhere I step my foot seems to land on some little body part that should not be there. Just thought I'd ask, in case someone else is having the same trials that I am this morning. Rest assured Tuesday is on the way.

If you are tired of my picture posting please bear with me. There are a few who are interested in the goings on of HS. I was thinking the other day that if the house burned down or a hurricane hit and we lost everything all I would have to do is find a computer and there is the record of our existence. So here goes, last weeks events appear for all "wondering eyes".
Tuesday was my Mom's birthday so the I made cupcakes and the boys decorated them. This is what you get when you let little boys loose with decorating supplies. I would have included a picture of her, but she preferred that I not. Happy 69th to her anyway.
That evening was Rochenda's baby shower. It was very special to have a small part in hosting the event. She is one of those mutual friends who saw us through our dating years. Harold tries to claim her as more his friend than mine since he has know her longer. She actually picked out my Christmas present from him one year while we were dating. I think things were a little shaky in our high school relationship at that time and he wanted the perfect present, so he went shopping with Jose and Rochenda. I still have that present.
Anyway the shower was beautiful. Charlene did all the decorating and did a fantastic job. Here she is with her Mom and Angela.
The ladies who helped. Charlene did most of the work and the rest of us helped with the food.
Chenda and me. The next two are a before and after duo, they are mostly for my own amusement so please bear with me.
In a day and age when everyone is upgrading and upsizing there is at least one thing that we have both downsized. I think that this is a positive thing.

Thursday was of course Dylan's first birthday. Here are all four brothers ready for the party.
"Man is this cake good!"
Saturday was the annual HS Christmas Parade. The boys were asked to wear their "military" uniforms on the float. These are actually the lapels from Harold's old flight shirt, his bars, blue ties, and hats from the local souvenir shop, but they seem to move everyone. Here they are ready to go.

Here is the float. Seanna did a really good job with it this year.
Here they come!
For those of you who don't get the joy of seeing the parade every year, here is Anthony H's Port-o-Let on the go. I get highly amused when this "thing" passes" by.

On a more serious note, today marks three years since I stood with my parents by Dawn's bed and watched as the doctors backed off and let her go to be with Jesus. Looking back over the past three years I am so aware of the sustaining hand of God on our lives. It never ceases to amaze that God's grace is sufficient for the things that we could never handle on our own. In his sermon yesterday Pastor Wolfe talked about the Promise of Reunion in one of his points. I'm so glad this morning that one day that WILL become a reality.